Express yourself.  Make bank.

Use less time to hunt for sponsored collaborations and more on talking about stuff you love. 

This time brands are listening what you have to say. With Vimma you'll get paid for posts you've already created. 

Vimma is the easiest way to grow your audience and get paid for your posts. With Vimma, you don't have to negotiate collaborations - just post the stuff you love and we will match you to the brands automatically!

Grow your audience and get paid for your posts

Simple ad campaigns on your social media

Want to make an extra buck on your social media? With Vimma it's easy:

Vimma will analyse your social media profile and message you for suitable ads. You will earn money from your own posts and product mentions without having to find brands to sponsor you!  

Sign up your social media profiles and give us a few details about yourself. Vimma analyses your posts, and messages you when a brand wants to use your post as an ad.

Sign up


You decide what ads you want to post. We will never post anything without your permission.   

Approve campaigns


We will give you clear instructions how to post / repost content as an ad. This should only take you 3-5 minutes. With Vimma you do not need to create new content for brands. 

Post an ad


You will get paid based on how many people saw your ad. If your ad performed well, brand might even boost it - meaning more people will see your content and you'll get more followers! 

Get boosted & paid


How it works?


Want to join Vimma but not quite sure how it could work for you? Drop us a message and let's have a chat!